Nurses Changing Specialties

Do you love the nursing specialty you’ve chosen? Is it all you expected it would be? Are you even working in the specialty area that you had hoped to be in? These are all questions nurses must ask themselves at some point.

I remember how devastated I was when I did not receive a job offer in the specialty I had hoped for upon receiving my nursing license. I thought my world had ended. I had this specialty based career all planned out since before I even entered into nursing school.

I didn’t know it at the time, but I was very lucky to have been able to get a job in the specialty that was my second choice. It has become MY specialty, and now, I wouldn’t take a job in what had been my first choice for any amount of money, (well ok, I’d take a million dollars and hour, but I bet I wouldn’t be as happy)!

Most nurses don’t even get the chance to be employed in a specialty area straight out of nursing school. Most, planned for or not, will be employed on general med-surg units at the beginning of their career. Though this may be heart-wrenching for some, at first, it is probably the best experience you can ever get for your nursing career. Med-surg nursing applies to ALL areas of nursing care and will greatly elevate your skills and knowledge far beyond that of the nurses who have always only worked in one specialty area for their entire career.

But what if you’ve done your time on the med-surg unit, and still want to change to a specialty area, (and yes, med-surg is a specialty itself). Most hospitals offer the option to let you change to another unit or position after a period of time, usually 6 months, but often times, there can be a lot of red-tape, in the form of facility politics which can prevent this from happening easily. This is not across the board at all hospitals, but it does happen at many.

The problem is that at most facilities, both your present supervisor and the supervisor of the unit you wish to be transferred to must both approve the transfer. This can cause issues, especially if you are a good nurse and employee. This is because good nurses can be hard to find, (though there are many). Your present supervisor may not want you to leave and may drag her heals on the approval.

This can be unfortunate, especially if you are an exemplary employee. If after a few tries the transfer does not seem to be moving forward and you really want to change, you may need to look at another facility. This in itself can be hard, because many places so not want to place experienced nurses on units where they will have to be trained. It sometimes seems like it is even harder to get into a specialized area after you’ve been a nurse for a while, than it is straight out of school, and as I’ve said, that isn’t easy either.

So what can be done? There is a little bit of a secret that most nurses so not know. Many hospitals will have a certain time of the year when they take applications for new nurses straight out of nursing school to try to obtain a specialty position which they will train them for. It is highly competitive for these students, as most facilities will take very few new nurses at once. But, what most people don’t know is that these are also great opportunities for experienced nurses who want to change their specialty and these nurses usually have a very good chance of being hired for these positions.

So if you are looking to change your specialty and keep hitting a brick wall, check with the HR department of a few facilities to see of they offer an internship program for new nurses and when the application process begins. This may just be the next best way to get your foot in the door to the position you have always dreamed of.


Sourcing The Best Jobs In Ohio? Check Out These Occupations Offering Most Growth

It’s no secret the job market in Ohio has proven a tough employment terrain. Since the economic downturn of 2008, the state’s job market has been hit hard, particularly in the manufacturing verticals. Holding one of the nation’s highest unemployment rates, the workforce in this state has seen more than its fair share of opportunity outsourcing and downsizing.

Despite the four year employment struggle, the marketplace has recently shown critical first signs of recovery. The Bureau of Labor Statistics announced in June of 2012, that the state of Ohio went from a 7.3% unemployment rate down to a 7.2% as a solid indicator of a job market moving in the right direction. While certain industries are still being hit hard, it’s important to note that there are, in fact, a host of good jobs in Ohio that are showing growth and opportunity or, in the very least, presenting promising potential for a future upswing.

Which Industries Will Offer The Best Jobs In Ohio?

If you’re one of the many job seekers in the state, it’s important to maintain a steady focus on the specific industries and occupations that seem poised to deliver growth and expansion in upcoming years. According to recent studies, one of the most promising market verticals ready to grow is the health services industry. Some specific jobs that round out the fastest growing occupations include:

Even mental health professionals such as marriage and family therapists and counselors have shown a rapid rise in demand in recent years. Healthcare isn’t the only vertical to offer some of the best jobs in Ohio. There are a host of service-specific functions that have been forecasted to show a steady uptick in future years. Builders and contractors such as skilled brick masons, carpenters, plumbers, pipefitters and pile driver operators have all recently gained recognition as verticals offering fast growing potential.

Proficiently Sourcing The Best Jobs In Ohio

Of course, simply finding the industries offering the best jobs in Ohio is only the first step in the job search success equation. With a still significantly steady unemployment rate, qualified candidates must tap into all available resources to help them stand out and get an edge over the competitive masses. One of the best ways to proficiently source (and land!) some of the best opportunities in the state is to work with online niche employment boards. Offering current industry specific opportunities specifically curtailed to your unique skills, qualifications and past experience, a specialty focused website can help grant you immediate access to open positions you’re a fit for.

Best of all, it’s not only job seekers that utilize the power of these niche employment sites. Industry leading employers also frequently use them as an invaluable tool to identify the top available talent for their positions. Job seekers using these distinctive boards can instantly stand out from the applicant swarms as a seasoned, in-demand industry expert ready for hire!

Space of Indian Jobs How Growing

Recruitment Consultancy Services are doing at the best to find the righ candidate for the right jobs but still there is a gap and hence Recruitment Consultancy Services are tring to find that gap. How this fact is making impact on future prospect of Indian job opening and recruitment.

The CEO of Antal International, Mr. Tony Goodwin said in a statement, “This survey indicates that many organizations have now come to accept uncertainty as an unwelcome, but inherent part of business life and are consequently pushing ahead with investment and development in this new normal. The results of the latest Snapshot research does not suggest any significant improvement or worsening of the global economic picture.”

Sanjeev Bikchandani, founder of job portal said when he was asked in an interview with Economics Times, “It depends upon how our economy grows. The situation is not as bad as in 2008-09. We have to see whether the economy bounces back or not. External factors like price of oil, exports, the demand of IT and ITeS in the US and Europe will affect the Indian economy. A lot can be done on the fiscal front, easing of monetary restrictions and giving an impetus to the infrastructure sector.”

He further said, “Telecom, insurance, IT and the IT enabled Services (ITeS) are most likely to be affected first. Especially in the IT and BPO sector, the developments in the US and Europe need to be observed. In manufacturing sector, we will have to look at the impact of availability of resources, raw material prices and the demand in the market. The companies were over optimistic at that time. But after April 2008, the situation worsened sharply. Many were not prepared for that. The situation now is not as bad as it was in 2008. But the country needs a growth package. No, any change is unlikely now. Its structure in terms of the variable component will be more or less the same. But what I have observed is that companies are getting more and more conscious in hiring additional staff.”

The FM, P. Chidambaram said, “Uppermost in my mind is the duty to regain the confidence of all stakeholders… Our policies have to be modified or fine-tuned in order to meet the expectations of different stakeholders. I have also directed a review of tax provisions that have a retrospective effect in order to find fair and reasonable solutions to pending as well as likely disputes between the tax departments and assesses.”

Adi Godrej President of CII said, “At the present moment, the country needs some good news and the statement of the finance minister would be a major business sentiment boosting measure.”

The chief economist for India at JPMorgan, Mr. Jahangir Aziz said, “While the statement is general, it does outline the broad areas of focus. And given that the statement is being backed by the FM’s past record, it will be seen positively by the market.”

Jobs in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, is the 7th most popular city in the UK. With a population of over 450,000, it is the 2nd most visited tourist destination in the UK, averaging about 1 million overseas visitors a year. Continue reading to find out about Edinburgh’s amazing tourism facilities, prosperous economy and job opportunities.

With it known for inventing the telephone, its castle that dominates the skyline and its well established economy, Edinburgh has not only an exciting past, but an interesting future too. Redevelopments of 17m for Edinburgh’s Haymarket Station is just one of many new plans to keep this large and popular city thriving despite previous drooping economies. Every year Edinburgh hosts the largest street party in the world for New Years Eve, with over 100,000 people attending, it is known simply as ‘Edinburgh’s Hogmanay.’ Scotland is known for its many significant inventions, some including: penicillin, television, the first bicycle and many more. It cannot be argued that Edinburgh is a boring city, with so much going on there is no wonder as to why the city is so popular.

It is the UK’s second financial centre, meaning jobs in Edinburgh are centred around banking, financial services, higher education and tourism. The popular University of Edinburgh is not only one of the most famous and was established way back in 1583 but it also invites top students with it’s high entry grades, ensuring quality students graduate and then later go onto work in the city, posing well to hundreds of businesses with graduate training schemes.

Jobs in Edinburgh are most commonly to do with the financial industry, with thousands involved in banking, financial advisory and finance management. Edinburgh’s top employers are their very own City Council, employing well over 20,000 people or the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) employing over 9,000. Due to being voted the favourite UK City for the 12th consecutive year, tourism levels are extremely high, with the Edinburgh Castle gaining over 1 million visits a year and the total population doubling during the famous Art’s Festival that takes place in August every year, meaning careers in tourism are very popular for residents. It is reported that Edinburgh’s workforce are the most productive than workers in any other city in the UK.

When you are applying for jobs, always make sure you are using an up to date CV that is specific to each job you are applying for. Employers want to see that you have taken time and effort to apply to their vacancy, and giving them your rushed CV, filled with mistakes and outdated by 2 years will mean you don’t even get a second look. Take your time when writing your CV and covering letter, use resources on the internet of helpful tips to ensure you produce a successful CV and asking family members or friends is highly recommended, as you may have missed a simple spelling mistake that they wont, which would not have impressed the employer.

5 Easy Steps to Make A Secure ID Badge

Sometimes it’s not just enough to make a personalized ID badge for your personal use or business. While just an address and a picture seems like it would be enough but if you want a secure badge that’s hard to copy then you need to add some security measures.

Some organizations go as far as utilizing a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) but for most small business that’s not practical or necessary. But as a small business owner you can make secure identification badges for your employees by implementing some security features. Below is a list of security features that you can add to your custom badges.

1. Serial numbers – Serial numbers allow you to have accountability of your ID cards. By keeping a database of serial numbered id badges and who they belong to, your staff can quickly verify if a badge is valid by looking up the serial number in the database.

2. Bar Codes – A bar bade is a unique sequence of bars that an inexpensive scanner can read. These bar codes can store identifiable information including an image. You can scan an employee id badge and instantly see that person’s information and compare the picture. Bar-codes make it easy to implement access control systems. Most access control systems use either RFID or bar-code scanners. You can make your own bar-codes here:

3. QR Codes – Much like bar codes, QR Codes can store a lot of data about someone and makes it easy to store all that information onto id badges. Unlike bar-codes, QR codes can be easily read and interpreted with many different mobile phone applications. It’s easy to create a database of employees and create profile pages on a company website. The QR code could then pull up that profile page where the user’s identity could be verified. You can create your own QR codes here:

4. Watermark Image – Placing a watermark on the employee’s image is another way to add some security to your id badges. A watermark makes it difficult for someone to duplicate an id badge but not completely impossible. This is not the most secure thing you can do but implementation is easy and cheap and compliments the other methods listed above. To add a water mark to any image use and upload an image then add your custom watermark.

5. Add Company Logo – Adding your company’s logo is a great way of customizing your id badges but also makes it easy to identify your service providers with your company. While this is a good marketing strategy, it also allows your badges look less generic which makes it hard to copy. As with watermarking, adding a logo should not be used as a single security measure but as a supplement to the other measures listed in 1 thru 3.

Brand identity and security are some of the key benefits to making customized identification badges for your company. Using identification cards and badges is good practice all together but using the tips listed above will make your id badge much more effective and secure. You can find custom badge services online and websites like allow you to design your own custom id badges for a low cost. You can use their online designer to add all the security steps listed above as well as any other custom design elements you may want.

Reasons that I like teaching in China

China is one of the world fastest developing economies and they are coming onto the world stage in a big way. To facilitate their new role as a global powerhouse, more and more Chinese are learning English. It’s a booming market.

Some students learn English to study abroad for their post-secondary education. Other students are learning to interact with foreign customers and clients. And there are some students who are learning English as simply a status symbol. The point is that there are plenty of teaching opportunities. But how does an English teacher find a job in China? Here are a few easy steps.

Step 1 – Your Resume/CV

The first step to getting a job is having the right resume or CV prepared. Like in any job, specific training or experience will help land an interview. Some ESL-specific training or experience might be any of these:

Some of these qualifications are nice to have, but not entirely necessary. All of the certifications will increase a teacher’s employability, but aren’t strictly necessary. All that would be strictly necessary is an undergraduate degree from a recognized college or university along with citizenship from a native-speaking country. These countries are the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and Ireland.

As for experience, actual ESL experience is best, especially with some certification. For recent graduates fresh out of school, however, it’s easy to get relevant experience at home. Most libraries and universities have volunteer ESL programs that are chronically understaffed. By volunteering just a few hours a week, a prospective teacher can get some valuable experience.

There are some special tricks for the resume itself, too. First of all, it’s likely that the people doing the hiring aren’t native speakers themselves. It’s very important to use the clearest, simplest, shortest possible descriptions of qualifications. It’s also important to include a photo. Many schools employ a foreign teacher as the “face” of the school, a native speaker to lend credibility to the institute. Unfortunately, this also results in discrimination against very talented non-White teachers. While certainly not right, it’s also much better to get rejected right away than to arrive and be immediately let go.

Step 2 – Do Your Research

It’s essential to do one’s research from home, long before the teacher ever sets foot on a plane. This is an important step because it gives the teacher an idea of what the market is like, what kind of salary and benefits to expect, as well as what region of China she or he would like to live in. China is a huge country containing many cultures and sub-cultures. The difference between Harbin and Hainan is as extreme as the difference between northern England and southern France.

It’s important to learn the answers to these questions:

Step 3 – Find a Job

There are many resources online to help prospective teachers find a teaching job in China. The best place to start is an ESL job directory. There are many out there, some country-specific and some broader job markets for all of Asia. Once you know the part of China you want to live in, it should be fairly easy to refine your job search.

There are also recruiters available to help teachers find a job suited to them. Be cautious with recruiters. Never pay a fee up front. A reputable recruiter will collect their fee only after they find a job for the teacher, usually half a month’s salary, and collect a similar fee from the school. This gives recruiters an extra incentive to get the best-paying job possible.

For the risk taker, there’s also the option of just going to China and finding a job. Though there isn’t a guarantee that a job will be had, it does make interview much easier and more likely to result in being hired. Being on the ground in China shows a commitment to teaching and allows a face-to-face interview. In some ways, it’s also safer for the teacher because it’s less likely to be scammed by a fake job.

Step 4 – The Interview

Interviews at language schools are often fairly informal. They’re mostly to confirm that the teacher is of the ethnicity and English ability he or she claims to be. The real test of the teacher’s quality will come in the form of a teaching demo. This is another reason why it’s helpful to be in the country first, but again jobs can be found online with a video call as an interview.

Always prepare a demo, even for a video chat. If it’s not mentioned when arranging the interview, then ask specifically whether you need a demo or not. If you don’t have any teaching experience, you can search online for related lesson plans. There are lots of ideas out there for free. If done in person, the demo may be in front of actual students or a group of teachers pretending to be students. Either way, it’s a show and should be treated as such.

How To Obtain A Certification As A Surgical Technologist

A surgical technician, also known as a scrub tech, plays an influential part in an operating room. In order to become a surgical technician, an individual must obtain a proper amount of training. An individual interested in entering into this career field will need to obtain a certification from an accredited organization.

A scrub tech will work beside a doctor and nurses in an operating room. They will assist a surgeon with operating procedures, during and after the procedure has been carried out. Scrub techs act as assistants to the primary operating room team. Without one of these adept individuals in an operating room, a lot of necessary tasks would not be completed efficiently.

The road to becoming a scrub tech begins with an education. Most schools that offer certifying classes for this profession require the student to obtain classes on-site. Due to the fact that the job is hands on, the only way for a student to prepare themselves for a career in this exciting field is to be able to obtain hands on experience while attending classes for the profession.

Classes are normally nine months to a year. While obtaining the appropriate classes to be able to enter into the field, students will be tested sporadically to ensure that they are absorbing the right information that they will need prior to taking their certification test. Practical tests and multiple choice tests are given throughout the entire course.

Most schools that offer scrub tech training will require students to obtain an internship prior to graduating from their course. The internship will give students the ability to interact in an actual surgical setting. They will be expected to carry out the tasks that a certified technician would, and be scored on how they react and perform their job during this time.

After a student has successfully completed their training, then they will need to take a test to certify them to work in the field. The test that a scrub tech will be required to take is typically multiple choice. Individuals that successfully pass the examination will be able to go on and obtain a job as a scrub tech in hospitals and clinics.

A surgical technologist certification is only good for four years at a time. Every four years, an individual who is practicing in this field will be required to take a re-certification examination. Re-certification helps ensure that individuals who are employed in the field are well-informed of the current medical technologies that may have changed overtime.

Importance of Finance Course Training For Successful Career

Managing man money and machine has always been the top priority for any business is whether it is a small or big organisation for those who can master the art of managing the funds become successful businessman and others who fail to do so loose their business there are a number of reasons why one should know how to manage finance since it is the most important factor in determining the success of a business it has been observed that most of the business fails in the first five years due to lack of financial planning a businessman who do’nt focus on the financial activities

Since Accounts is the base of every financial transaction which helps to prepare and reports leading to the effective management decision thus it is important to have a basic accounts knowledge to manage the finance of any company there are various finance courses available in the market both graduate and undergraduate levels offered by various institutes in India, so who are interested to make their career in the field of accounts and financial accounting should such courses immediately after graduation.

In this courses would should understand the planning involved in raising the finance for any company and its effective utilisation in an appropriate manner with effective monitoring system to lack of effective monitoring system it becomes difficult to achieve the desired goals of an organisation ultimately the goal of an organisation is to earn profits which can only be achieved with effective monitoring system and is monitoring finance becomes very important a sound knowledge of accounts and financial planning is very important. Since this is a very important area of science skills are required to monitor and control the comments is available with the company, professional courses in the field of finance helps anyone to get highly paid job . Companies will need to pay candidates who have clear concepts in implementing the effective strategies. For those who are looking for a career in finance after 12th in commerce should join in on Institute which can offer them finance training helping them to realise their dreams to become successful accounts and finance managers