Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, is the 7th most popular city in the UK. With a population of over 450,000, it is the 2nd most visited tourist destination in the UK, averaging about 1 million overseas visitors a year. Continue reading to find out about Edinburgh’s amazing tourism facilities, prosperous economy and job opportunities.

With it known for inventing the telephone, its castle that dominates the skyline and its well established economy, Edinburgh has not only an exciting past, but an interesting future too. Redevelopments of 17m for Edinburgh’s Haymarket Station is just one of many new plans to keep this large and popular city thriving despite previous drooping economies. Every year Edinburgh hosts the largest street party in the world for New Years Eve, with over 100,000 people attending, it is known simply as ‘Edinburgh’s Hogmanay.’ Scotland is known for its many significant inventions, some including: penicillin, television, the first bicycle and many more. It cannot be argued that Edinburgh is a boring city, with so much going on there is no wonder as to why the city is so popular.

It is the UK’s second financial centre, meaning jobs in Edinburgh are centred around banking, financial services, higher education and tourism. The popular University of Edinburgh is not only one of the most famous and was established way back in 1583 but it also invites top students with it’s high entry grades, ensuring quality students graduate and then later go onto work in the city, posing well to hundreds of businesses with graduate training schemes.

Jobs in Edinburgh are most commonly to do with the financial industry, with thousands involved in banking, financial advisory and finance management. Edinburgh’s top employers are their very own City Council, employing well over 20,000 people or the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) employing over 9,000. Due to being voted the favourite UK City for the 12th consecutive year, tourism levels are extremely high, with the Edinburgh Castle gaining over 1 million visits a year and the total population doubling during the famous Art’s Festival that takes place in August every year, meaning careers in tourism are very popular for residents. It is reported that Edinburgh’s workforce are the most productive than workers in any other city in the UK.

When you are applying for jobs, always make sure you are using an up to date CV that is specific to each job you are applying for. Employers want to see that you have taken time and effort to apply to their vacancy, and giving them your rushed CV, filled with mistakes and outdated by 2 years will mean you don’t even get a second look. Take your time when writing your CV and covering letter, use resources on the internet of helpful tips to ensure you produce a successful CV and asking family members or friends is highly recommended, as you may have missed a simple spelling mistake that they wont, which would not have impressed the employer.


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