Sometimes it’s not just enough to make a personalized ID badge for your personal use or business. While just an address and a picture seems like it would be enough but if you want a secure badge that’s hard to copy then you need to add some security measures.

Some organizations go as far as utilizing a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) but for most small business that’s not practical or necessary. But as a small business owner you can make secure identification badges for your employees by implementing some security features. Below is a list of security features that you can add to your custom badges.

1. Serial numbers – Serial numbers allow you to have accountability of your ID cards. By keeping a database of serial numbered id badges and who they belong to, your staff can quickly verify if a badge is valid by looking up the serial number in the database.

2. Bar Codes – A bar bade is a unique sequence of bars that an inexpensive scanner can read. These bar codes can store identifiable information including an image. You can scan an employee id badge and instantly see that person’s information and compare the picture. Bar-codes make it easy to implement access control systems. Most access control systems use either RFID or bar-code scanners. You can make your own bar-codes here:

3. QR Codes – Much like bar codes, QR Codes can store a lot of data about someone and makes it easy to store all that information onto id badges. Unlike bar-codes, QR codes can be easily read and interpreted with many different mobile phone applications. It’s easy to create a database of employees and create profile pages on a company website. The QR code could then pull up that profile page where the user’s identity could be verified. You can create your own QR codes here:

4. Watermark Image – Placing a watermark on the employee’s image is another way to add some security to your id badges. A watermark makes it difficult for someone to duplicate an id badge but not completely impossible. This is not the most secure thing you can do but implementation is easy and cheap and compliments the other methods listed above. To add a water mark to any image use and upload an image then add your custom watermark.

5. Add Company Logo – Adding your company’s logo is a great way of customizing your id badges but also makes it easy to identify your service providers with your company. While this is a good marketing strategy, it also allows your badges look less generic which makes it hard to copy. As with watermarking, adding a logo should not be used as a single security measure but as a supplement to the other measures listed in 1 thru 3.

Brand identity and security are some of the key benefits to making customized identification badges for your company. Using identification cards and badges is good practice all together but using the tips listed above will make your id badge much more effective and secure. You can find custom badge services online and websites like allow you to design your own custom id badges for a low cost. You can use their online designer to add all the security steps listed above as well as any other custom design elements you may want.


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