A surgical technician, also known as a scrub tech, plays an influential part in an operating room. In order to become a surgical technician, an individual must obtain a proper amount of training. An individual interested in entering into this career field will need to obtain a certification from an accredited organization.

A scrub tech will work beside a doctor and nurses in an operating room. They will assist a surgeon with operating procedures, during and after the procedure has been carried out. Scrub techs act as assistants to the primary operating room team. Without one of these adept individuals in an operating room, a lot of necessary tasks would not be completed efficiently.

The road to becoming a scrub tech begins with an education. Most schools that offer certifying classes for this profession require the student to obtain classes on-site. Due to the fact that the job is hands on, the only way for a student to prepare themselves for a career in this exciting field is to be able to obtain hands on experience while attending classes for the profession.

Classes are normally nine months to a year. While obtaining the appropriate classes to be able to enter into the field, students will be tested sporadically to ensure that they are absorbing the right information that they will need prior to taking their certification test. Practical tests and multiple choice tests are given throughout the entire course.

Most schools that offer scrub tech training will require students to obtain an internship prior to graduating from their course. The internship will give students the ability to interact in an actual surgical setting. They will be expected to carry out the tasks that a certified technician would, and be scored on how they react and perform their job during this time.

After a student has successfully completed their training, then they will need to take a test to certify them to work in the field. The test that a scrub tech will be required to take is typically multiple choice. Individuals that successfully pass the examination will be able to go on and obtain a job as a scrub tech in hospitals and clinics.

A surgical technologist certification is only good for four years at a time. Every four years, an individual who is practicing in this field will be required to take a re-certification examination. Re-certification helps ensure that individuals who are employed in the field are well-informed of the current medical technologies that may have changed overtime.


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